/The best Cyber Monday toy and Lego deals

The best Cyber Monday toy and Lego deals

There are plenty of Cyber Monday deals on a range of products, including toys and Lego sets, and we’ve scoured the internet to find the best for you.

Legos tends to be fairly pricey, so a great Lego deal is useful for finding the lovely little blocks without paying as much a premium as you otherwise would. There are sales across the board, from Star Wars and Marvel sets to Lego’s own-brand kits.

The toy deals we’ve included here are all for tech-related items, like a budget drone, learning kits and microscope, all designed to help your kids learn about the world of tech and science (or just for you to have some fun).

Here are all the best Cyber Monday toy and Lego deals.

The best Cyber Monday Lego deals

Lego Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter: $63.99 $49.99 at Target
Pick up this classic Star Wars icon with a new low price this Cyber Monday thanks to Target’s sales. It comes with Luke, R2D2, and two other Rebel figures (and the X-Wing itself, obviously).
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Lego Marvel Avengers Thanos: Ultimate Battle: $69.99 $41.99 at Amazon
Relive the climax of Avengers Endgame with this Lego set, discounted on Amazon by 40%. That’s quite a big discount compared to the relatively minor discount we’re seeing on other Lego sets this Cyber Monday.
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Lego City Heavy Cargo Transport: $29.99 $18.99 at Amazon
There are discounts on non-Disney Lego sets too, like this 37% price cut on a cargo transport truck. It comes with a few different mini-figures and two vehicles.
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Lego Friends Heartlake City Resort: $99.99 $69.99 at Walmart
You can save a substantial $30 off this Lego Friends set, which is one of the biggest sets on sale. It comes with loads of figures, features and details, perfect for an engaging build.
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The Lego Movie 2 Emmet’s Dream House: $69.99 $34.99 at Target
Get yourself a set based on the second Lego movie with this deal, that cuts half the asking price off main character Emmet’s house. You can also re-arrange the bricks to turn the house into a rocket, for reasons that would totally spoil the movie.
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The best Cyber Monday toy deals

Snap Circuits Electronics Exploration Kit: $95.99 $52.79 at Amazon
If you want your kid to learn how electronics systems work (or just want to learn yourself), this kit will help, and at 45% off, you’re teaching them about good finances too.
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National Geographic student microscope: $69.99 $59.95 at Amazon
Microscopes are great for getting your kid into science, and this deal cuts $10 off the price of an official National Geographic one. There are no gems or dead insects included though.
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Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit: $99.95 $62.79 at Amazon
If you want to teach someone coding, especially someone who likes Star Wars, this is the perfect kit for you. It lets you build an R2D2-like droid, then programme it with basic functions and loops.
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RC Buggy Car Toy: $55.99 $19.99 at Walmart
This is a significant price cut on an RC buggy, knocking 60% off the asking price. If you’ve been looking for a remote-controlled car for your kid (and, most likely, yourself too), this is what you need.
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Mini Orion Camera Drone: $79.99 $24.99 at Walmart
Drones can sometimes be rather expensive, but this price cut on a Mini Orion camera drone changes that. Sure, you’re not going to get the image of something like the DJI Mavic, but thanks to Walmart’s deal this is an affordable alternative.
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Not in the US? Here are some low Lego prices in your region:

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